Tagmarshal’s technology provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting, giving golf operators the tools to enhance the player experience through effective pace of play management, improve efficiency through automation, and generate additional revenue.

Tagmarshal partners with:

  • More than 35 of the Top 100 Courses
  • Over 500 private, daily fee and resort courses, as well as golf management groups
  • Many $30 to $50 green fee courses

Tagmarshal partner, Chip Hierlihy, General Manager at Fieldstone, shared his experience: “The data has allowed us to optimize tee sheet capacity and improve flow — enhancing the guest experience and increasing golf revenue by 25% in the first year with additional gains in year 2.”

Our partners, including $50 daily fee courses, routinely achieve ROI of $100k to in excess of $300k in additional green fees.

Jim Lombardo, Head Golf Professional at Erin Hills, says, “Tagmarshal pays for itself a hundred times over.”

Tagmarshal has a range of affordable products suitable for both cart and walking golf courses, including Tagmarshal 2Way cart screens, 2Way Mobile and Classic Installed devices with the Geofence Buzzer, Classic Tags and more.

Learn more: tagmarshal.com/demo | Contact: david.hamilton@tagmarshal.com




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David Hamilton
VP of Business Development
Phone: 813-528-3669