Turflogic brings innovation and aerial technology to turf management and improve the overall golfing experience.

Better data tells a better story. Agronomy professionals know that simply having aerial imagery is not enough—data must be actionable. Our platform utilizes NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) analysis combined with multispectral sensor technology to offer insights and inspections of stress not yet visible on the surface. This knowledge is critical for early detection to maintaining a healthy and professional course.

Turfscore™ puts your data to work. Turfscore™ is a collective representation of the health and stress of all features on the golf course (tee boxes, fairways, greens, and rough). Turflogic’s proprietary algorithm analyzes and measures the stress levels of turf and assigns a weighted, numeric score that can be monitored and tracked for the targeted allocation of course maintenance resources.




Randy Stratton
Senior Vice President of Sales

Michael McVay